Virtual Paramour

Virtual Paramour

Do you live elsewhere in the world, and geography is keeping us apart?  Do you simply need a sympathetic ear to vent the frustrations of the day, and love the idea of having a discreet confidante who is an expert at keeping secrets?  Or perhaps you are simply on the search for a secret, naughty penpal?  Regardless of the reason, let me be your long distance, virtual girlfriend and indulge you with only the kind of sweetness a beautiful woman can provide….

Please note I DO NOT OFFER skype, Facetime, Zoom, or any form of videoed virtual date.  My virtual offerings are limited to texting only.


Vanilla Texting … $250/day

Free-flowing texting and vanilla photos, as the day’s events permit.  A great way to break the ice, especially if wanting to get to know each other before an in-person meeting!  Please note, nothing above Pg-13 will be discussed.


Naughty Penpal

Want something a little above the Pg-13 rating?!  How about some feisty banter combined with adventurous and uninhibited photos…let’s push the proverbial envelope a little, shall we?  😉

$250 … 30 min
$300 … 45 min
$400 … 60 min

$100 each additional 15 min after the first hour

Naughty penpal sessions include photos of my choice.  If you’d like the ability to request custom photos and videos, this would fall under my custom virtual date rate of $800/hour.

  • Once again, please note all virtual dates are done via TEXT only.  I do not accommodate phone or video calls.  Please do not ask.
  • I accept a wide variety of electronic payment methods.  Please see the “Dates” page for a list of options.
  • Naughty Penpal sessions are available between 7:30am and midnight and must be scheduled in advanced.  Just as for my in-person dates, sessions requested with short notice (less than 24 hrs) may be subject to a same-day fee.