Introducing Scarlett Dalton


The elusive Unicorn…a phrase most often used to describe me after our first encounter. I embody the perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, and personality, complemented by a tantalizing prurient streak that is satiated by only the wildest of adventures, and tempered with just the right touch of sophistication…

Hello, and welcome, my name is Scarlett. I am thrilled that you found my little corner of the web! In my vanilla life, I am a college-educated, successful entrepreneur and former professional athlete turned body builder whose athleticism is matched by sharp wit and flawless femininity. My unquenchably adventurous spirit is bespoke to providing exquisite personal companionship to the most discerning of gentleman, ladies, and couples.

If you are browsing these pages, you are likely on the search for a discreet confidant who is, under the elegant exterior, titillatingly adventurous…someone who will make you feel completely alive, and savoring every moment.  I could tell you all about how my attention will be solely yours during our time together, but I believe that should go without having to be said. Instead, let me succinctly sum it up with the following: I am here because I want to be, not because I need to be, and it is a distinction you will clearly experience during our time together.

Interested in hearing more?

With piercing blue eyes and of European descent, I have a type-A personality and believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Having graduated high school at 16 and earned a college degree by the age of 19, my athleticism is matched by scintillating wit and determination to achieve any goal I set for myself. I believe in pushing the limits of accepted norms, and that the phrase “I can’t” shouldn’t be included in anyone’s vocabulary.

Having traveled extensively in years past, I have gleaned wisdom from many different cultures and people from all walks of life, resulting in the ability to easily carry intelligent conversation on a myriad of subjects. I can brilliantly adapt to nearly any situation and am equally as comfortable in shorts & flip flops, jeans & work boots, or an evening gown & stilettos.   Embodying a bit of dichotomous perfection, I am very easy-going yet polished and experienced in life, without the air of pretension that often accompanies those who have achieved success.

Simply put, I’m real, nice, and yes, I actually look like my photos!

I hold myself to the highest of standards in presentation at all times, and maintain a polished, poised appearance. My wardrobe is classy and timelessly elegant and will never summon untoward attention…you can rest assured I turn heads only for the right reasons.