I offer three methods for screening potential new suitors.  Please feel free to choose whichever suits your preference.

Option One: Reservation Form

Highly preferred!  Just click the button below to get started! The more completely you fill out the form, the faster and easier it is for us to get to the good parts. 😉


Option Two: References & Social

Four references within the last 12 months from verifiable, reputable providers with an established social media presence.  This includes their website, email address, and social media handle.  If this option is chosen, our date must be a minimum of two hours and begin in a social setting.


Option Two: Social Date

The adventures all begins with a social date.  No additional information or references required.  If comfort level on both sides leans toward an interest to proceed, then one of the two options above may be chosen.


To ensure the confidential handling of your information, I manage all email correspondence, verification, and scheduling personally.   Please allow up to 36 hours for a response.  I do not respond to one-line emails, so if that is the best you can muster, please save us both the trouble and look elsewhere.

If you have not received my response within 36 hours and feel your email was respectful, please accept my apologies and contact me again as something most likely went awry with technology.



My regular availability is 7:30am-midnight.  Please note that evenings, especially Fridays & Saturdays, tend to get reserved fairly far in advance so please take such into consideration when requesting a date at these time(s).  All dates that end after midnight are considered to be overnight.

Same-day booking requests are often very difficult for me to accommodate as I live a full, rich personal life while balancing family responsibilities and undertaking aggressive entrepreneurial pursuits. Please kindly understand that appointments of less than 24 hrs notice are rarely possible for new friends, and advanced notice of your interest to meet is both highly recommended and very much appreciated.  Short notice dates, when possible, do carry an additional rush fee as specified on my “Dates” page.  Existing suitors may request a short-notice date (please text me for the fastest reply) for no additional fee.

If time is of urgency and short-notice is unavoidable, please complete the reservation form in its entirety AND email me.  My inclination to adjust my schedule in order to accept your invitation goes up dramatically when you provide verification information up front and your initial communication is kind and respectful!

If you are uncomfortable submitting a request via my online form, you are welcome to email me all requested information at:

Once I am able to complete a verification I will happily make available my personal cell number.  Text or email communication is preferred.  Please, no phone calls unless a time is arranged.


Special Requests

If you have any special requests for our time together, please ask!  I have few restrictions and welcome respectful conversation, and the more I know about you the better our time together will unfold. 😉  I do kindly request a minimum of 2-3 days notice for special wishes, no matter how large or small, so that I may have sufficient time to honor such requests.  If your date is booked while I’m touring in a foreign city, please make sure to voice your request before my departure so I may pack accordingly.

Lastly, I am very open-minded and do not discriminate based on age, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender, or political beliefs. Disability and newbie friendly.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) welcome. Please send your form to my email, I will happily review, sign, and return it prior to you submitting your reservation request.