The Fine Print

The Fine Print

I kindly ask you be mindful of these etiquette suggestions to ensure a smooth start on our first date:

Please, be appropriate in all initial communication with me; treat your emails as though you are introducing yourself on a dating site!  Suggestive or crude remarks and/or requests prior to verification will result in loss of any further dialogue.  I assure you, I am quite adventurous! 😉

Please ensure the investment amount is accurate.  If providing electronically, please send no later than one hour prior to the beginning of our scheduled date.  If providing in cash:

  • When meeting in a social setting, please place it in a gift bag, greeting card envelope, book, bouquet of flowers, or other creative delivery method and present it in plain sight no later than 5-10 minutes of our initial greeting.
  • When meeting in a private setting, please place it on the bathroom counter that I will be using to freshen up or change upon my arrival.

I much prefer our date to unfold naturally, and conversation about compensation for my time is both awkward and untoward.  Be courteous.

Uncleanliness, unsafe and/or rude behavior will be grounds for termination of our time together with no refund.

Excessive intoxication or the use of any recreational drugs during or immediately preceding our time together will result in termination of our time together with no refund.  I do not partake of illicit substances, please do not ask.

Just as I take pride in my appearance, I ask you do the same.  Please be freshly showered and groomed.  My in-call accommodations have fully-stocked facilities available for you to freshen up should your travels prevent you from doing so prior to our engagement.

I allow a 15 minute grace period for late arrivals with the understanding that sometimes “life happens”.  However, please be conscientious about your arrival, as any additional tardiness will count toward your reserved engagement time.